Clover Service Group is a division of Clover Imaging Group created to provide customers with the tools and training, and digital marketing they need to sell their products and provide satisfaction to their customer base. Clover had its beginnings in a small Illinois town in 1996 and had used its organic growth and implementation of strategic acquisitions to grow into a billion-dollar company that provides products and services in every aspect of the imaging industry from manufacturing to collections, to parts and services.

The result of this growth was the development of Clover Services Group which offers a suite of business services designed to be easily implemented into any business organization.


Clover Services Group provides everything their customers need including 
marketing, customer support, training, and assistance in the implementation of 
Managed Print Services.

What We Offer:

Our goal is to help our customer with everything that they need to attract new prospects, provide outstanding support and service, and maintain efficiency and profitability. 


Our staff, technicians, managers, and marketers, have the knowledge to develop, provide, and maintain the business and support strategies you need. Through our experiences, acquisitions, and innovations within this industry, we have become a leader in image-related products and services. We draw on that experience and training to provide our customers with the products and support that their business needs to thrive.

We utilize continuous reviews and stay updated with the latest technology, so we can continually improve our services and systems. We back all of our services with a commitment to excellence which was founded on three pillars that we focus on in every aspect of our business.

Our Culture – Our company has a dynamic culture in which we continually push ourselves towards newer innovation. Our goal is to never settle for what was created yesterday but instead, continue to focus on future innovations and how to achieve our company goals while providing the highest standards of excellence in all that we do.

Our Customers– All of our products and services are created with our customers in mind. What are their needs? Their wants? and how can we help them achieve greater success in their business endeavors?

Our Vision– Our vision is to continue to strive for excellence in all we do, and our passion lies in developing products and services that can aid our customers in every aspect of their business. It is this vision and passion for excellence that makes us a business you want to partner with.