When marketing office products to businesses and enterprises, you need a partner who deeply understands what makes your business work. As the industry’s highest-performing marketing agency, Amplify is ready to give you the competitive edge you need, combining years of expertise with a proven method for bringing out the best office technology dealers have to offer.

We Make Marketing Office Products and Services Easy

As an office technology dealer, you’re probably well aware of the value that managed services can offer small to mid-sized businesses. Just like managed print services reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of document processes, Amplify reduces the costs and increases the efficiency of marketing office products.

By leveraging the resources and experience of a billion-dollar company, you can transform your company into a trusted local leader, distributing helpful content to interested leads throughout your community while telling your brand story.

What Amplify Brings to the Table

When you sign up to become an Amplify client, you’ll have the ability to market office products like multi-million-dollar companies do – without having to put up the capital. We are already invested in our approach, bringing the following valuable elements to your brand’s marketing platform.


It takes more than great products and technical expertise to sell to today’s businesses. Offices around the world are increasingly placing value on innovation and creativity – and choosing partners that place a premium on these attributes.

Creativity to Drive Sales

If you are going to thrive under these conditions, you need to position your company as a creative leader when it comes to marketing office products and services. Your brand needs to tell a story through multiple channels without losing its authenticity in the process.

This creativity takes the form of:

Creative content and storytelling from expert copywriters

Web design and development from professionals who understand the imaging industry

Efficiency-oriented marketers ready to implement automated solutions

When you choose Amplify as your trusted marketing partner, you gain the ability to enjoy these types of marketing results without having the undergo an extensive in-house hiring process. Our team’s creativity is ready for you to call on as you see fit.

Managing a marketing campaign can be difficult in the small business space. Your access to resources is limited by the size and scope of your company’s offerings, yet customers still expect complete solutions and personalized attention.

Enterprise-Level Marketing Resources

By leveraging the enterprise-level marketing resources Amplify offers, you can benefit from a broad range of valuable marketing assets.

These include:

Software partnerships

Automated marketing processes

Cutting-edge SEO techniques

Accurate sales and conversion data

Only Amplify has the experience to help you attain the best results using these powerful tools. With us, you gain access to a scalable marketing solution that puts your brand front-and-center in the eyes of prospective customers.

Hiring key talent for customized content and marketing can be extraordinarily difficult for small to mid-sized businesses. Top-performing talent doesn’t offer a substantial return unless working to scale.

Industry-Best Marketing Talent

Amplify solves this by making our in-house marketing talent available for our clients. We are able to scale the development of customized content for our brands and ensure that each one gets the best possible results.

As imaging industry experts, we constantly project our strategies into the future to remain on top of industry developments. We focus on learning:

What products our clients’ customers are looking for

What’s selling in different industry verticals

How to best position our clients’ products in a dynamic market

In order to be effective, marketing campaigns need to integrate seamlessly with existing value-generating processes. Marketing needs to produce value for your employees, not draw time and attention away from business-critical processes.

Seamless Marketing Integration

Our key partnerships enable us to develop and implement integrated solutions. For instance, we can deploy solutions for integrating our clients’ CRM platforms with our services, creating valuable results:

Better ROI on marketing spend

Greater companywide asset utilization

Improved efficiency for marketing processes

No need to change CRM providers

Amplify is a global marketing company, both in terms of our reach and the insight we bring to the processes and solutions we develop for clients. Nobody knows better than our team how differences in the local imaging industry environment can make or break a marketing strategy.

Global Reach, Local Focus

This is where experience and accurate data comes into play. Our team can help you develop a clear path forward by combining the following elements:

Insight gleaned from the global marketplace

Figures and projections from a broad range of territories

Relevant information about your local market

Top-performing expertise for addressing that market

We have been marketing imaging products and services for more than two decades and have taken this opportunity to consistently improve our processes to produce results. By partnering with us, you gain access to proven methods for getting your brand’s message where it belongs – in front of your future customers.

Proven Results

Our results speak for themselves:

Targeted Audiences. Every penny of marketing spend that goes towards communicating with someone who doesn’t end up becoming a buyer is a penny lost. We target our marketing efforts to ensure that your message gets to the people who need it most.

Quality Content. Leads are great, but closing a sale requires more than just a tempting offer. High-quality content draws customers into the sales funnel and leads them to the close.

Excellent Conversion Rates. We are the top performer for marketing office products in the imaging industry. Our conversion rates speak for themselves.

Ready to talk to an expert about the unique approach Amplify can use to market your imaging industry products and services? Contact us now to learn more.