As an imaging industry dealer, finding the right voice to address your customers with doesn’t always come easy. The better you know your customers, the more carefully you can fine-tune your approach to each individual industry niche.

Amplify creates customized content marketing strategies for its clients, using reporting and conversion metrics to hone in on the customers who need your products and services most. Once armed with the right insights, we then begin creating content that speaks specifically to their needs while showcasing your company’s strengths.

Amplify Your Voice with Our Content Expertise

Amplify caters to the needs of imaging industry companies, providing data, resources, and deliverables that make the most of our clients’ value propositions. With our experience, you can identify your target vertical market and have our expert writers guide them through the sales funnel.

We build customized content for every aspect of our clients’ websites:

Company Overview

A compelling and descriptive company overview can immediately illustrate what puts your company on top of its industry. Have our talented content creators write an overview that puts your company on the map.


As an office product dealer, your technology partnerships make or break the customer experience. Let Amplify introduce the products and services you offer with engaging, actionable copy that demonstrates their value.


Engaging healthcare customers requires a different content approach than engaging legal, financial, or commercial businesses. If you target multiple industries, you’ll need separate pages that detail exactly why your company is the best technology provider for that vertical.


Print and office technology products are just one aspect of our clients’ capabilities. Managed service providers who focus on developing, deploying, and maintaining infrastructure using a monthly subscription package need customized content that illustrates the costs, benefits, and returns of these services.

Your Company Blog

Properly maintained and consistently updated with high-quality content, your blog will constantly bring in new, qualified leads who have taken the time to get to know your brand. In order to produce results, your blog needs to be written by professionals with industry expertise, which Amplify can provide.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email can produce ROIs of up to 3800 percent. If you are looking to cut marketing spend and give leads and profits a significant boost, rely on Amplify’s email marketing experts to create and administer your campaign.

Maximize the Effect of Marketing Spend

One of the things that makes Amplify unique is our ability to optimize content marketing deliverables to meet business objectives. Our flexible content and analytics strategies put the data in your hands and ensure that every penny spent on marketing is done so with efficiency.

We do this by constantly analyzing the effects of our content strategy and adjusting the content itself to match. We use Hubspot to gather key information on marketing performance metrics for our clients:

Bounce Rate. Are people visiting your website and then quickly bouncing off to find better, more accurate information somewhere else? We can find out exactly how many people are doing just that and craft a strategy to keep those eyes glued to your pages.

Backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most – if not the most– important search engine optimization factors on the web today. If you’re spending time and money developing a content marketing strategy and maintaining a blog, you want to make sure it’s bringing new users and new backlinks to your site.

Search Traffic Monitoring. What are your users actually searching for? Amplify’s search traffic monitoring team can find out and deliver a custom content marketing solution that addresses those search terms directly.

Analytics. Ultimately, you want to know how effective your marketing strategy is. Our detailed reports use the latest technology in the industry to determine how effective your marketing dollars are. Additionally, we constantly look for new ways to improve marketing efficiency using this data.

Let Us Help You Identify Your Marketing Goals

One of the key advantages to hiring the Amplify team as your custom content marketing provider is gaining the ability to accurately identify your marketing goals and build strategies to meet them. Amplify can help you:

Find the Best Path Forward

You may be focused on developing new leads, only to find that in fact your business is best suited to better monetizing your returns from existing customers. Only Amplify’s analytics data can paint this picture for you.

Focus on Your Strengths

Your company doesn’t need to be everything for everyone. We can help you identify the areas where you perform best and deliver a custom content marketing strategy that plays to your strengths, developing a niche willing to pay a premium for that specific service.

Engage Your Customers Better

If your content isn’t keeping visitors on your page now, we can revamp your website to produce better results. Amplify’s copywriting team has years of expertise finding the right words to inspire readers to contact office technology companies like yours.

Increase Awareness

Maybe the only thing your brand is lacking is a visible online footprint. We can help you create one that puts your company in front of customers’ eyes and makes a compelling case for your expertise in the imaging industry.


Search engine rankings are just one part of the marketing puzzle. Before you try to get your company’s marketing efforts off the ground solely based on keywords, have Amplify’s content creation team audit your company and identify the points of interest in your customers’ industry verticals.

We will put years of marketing experience behind your team and make sure that your website visitors stay on your page, engage with your content, and learn to trust your brand. We are your company’s behind-the-scenes social connectors, building and deploying your market strategy with enterprise-level resources and talent.

Is it time your company started addressing specific market verticals using custom-crafted, high-quality content? Speak with one of our specialists to get started.