Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful marketing tool for print industry dealers and service providers. Put simply, SEO is what makes the difference between the website that ranks #1 on a Google search and the one that ranks #1000.

For your business to be a credible contender in the imaging industry, you need to rank for some important keywords. This might sound like an unreasonable challenge for a small business that doesn’t have access to enterprise-scale resources, but there is a way.

How Amplify SEO Services Works For Office Technology Providers

One of the most compelling reports we create for our clients is the keyword report. This report forms the foundation of your SEO strategy, pointing out the areas of highest activity within your field. But even more importantly, it also points out the areas of lowest competition. You want to post insightful, compelling content where high search volume meets low competition.

By doing the research and choosing the right keywords, our team can create an SEO strategy that maximizes your earning potential while reducing the amount of time and money spent on lost causes.

What Makes a Great Keyword

We’re almost a quarter into the 21st century, and there are some keywords you simply won’t get. Unless the global $900 billion-dollar print industry changes overnight, your site won’t reach the number-one position for the keyword “printers”.

But that’s not the keyword you need. If you run a managed print service that focuses on Lexmark equipment in Richmond, Virginia, a better keyword would look like this, “Lexmark managed print services in Richmond, VA”

Add in another qualifier like, “HIPAA-compliant Lexmark managed print services in Richmond, VA” and you have a high-value, low-competition keyword that speaks directly to the needs of the user searching for it. This is a long-tail keyword, and these are the high-volume, low-competition search terms you are looking for.

Amplify Keyword Research is Key to Your SEO Strategy

As content creation experts, our team focuses your entire content marketing strategy around the long-tail keywords that represent the greatest value. We perform research to find out exactly where your company positions itself in the market, and what the best SEO marketing opportunities for it are.

We use cutting-edge software to identify keyword opportunities and create content strategies to match. Some of the benefits of working with us for keyword research include:

  • Custom content laser-focused on the best opportunities for your website ranking.
  • SEO-specific search software that ensures nobody else has written about the topics you cover – or that makes sure your website’s content is the most comprehensive.
  • Research into competitor websites to find out what keywords they target.

We analyze all of these factors and combine them into a complete keyword report for our clients. You can use this report to better qualify your leads while we create the content to bring them to you.

SEO Goes Beyond Keywords

Keywords are a critical element of any successful SEO strategy, but they are not the only factor to consider. Our on-site and off-site SEO experts leverage in-depth knowledge of over 200 different ranking factors to determine the best way to increase your website’s visibility.

Some of these factors include:


Our marketing success hinges on SEO as one of the main pillars of lead generation we offer. Our SEO experts are able to find keyword opportunities that no other marketer can. Once they do, our copywriters immediately get busy creating top-quality content to rank in those searches.

The end result is a powerful marketing system that produces leads on a constant basis. Your company will owe its growth to constantly improving rankings for the search queries that matter most.

We can get started with only three items of information:

Your Location. Since we know that Google prefers geo-tagged data, and we know that location-specific long-tail keywords generate value, we need to tailor your SEO strategy to your specific city and coverage area.

Your Keywords. You haven’t yet had our experts create long-tail keywords for you, but you intuitively know what your customers must be looking for when they search for your products and services. This is an important starting point for your SEO success.

Your Competitors. In order to be effective, your SEO campaign has to distinguish your company from other dealerships in the area. We will research your competitors to find opportunities for advancement that they are not capitalizing on.

Amplify SEO experts combine these factors to create a foundation for your optimization strategy. With our help, you can become a respected, high-ranking thought leader in your field.

Interested in boosting your company’s SEO presence but don’t know what keywords to write for? Contact us and have our team perform an SEO audit!