Social media presents one of the most valuable opportunities B2B companies and imaging industry brands can use to engage their customers. Maintaining your company’s web presence and turning that work into real customer value requires using social media to its full advantage.

By maximizing your reach on multiple social media platforms, you can increase user activity and engagement with your company, communicate your mission better, and create compelling brand touch points for your customers. Your social media strategy can be an important driver for growth.

But earning these results from social media means more than posting a new status on Facebook every once in a while. You need to put a robust, consistent social media strategy together. Amplify can help you develop and implement that strategy using the latest tools of the trade.

Make Social Media Work for You

It’s not hard to see why social media is such an important avenue for customer outreach and service. With almost one-fourth of the entire human race on Facebook, and new success stories coming out every day, there is ample opportunity for any company to reach its audience.

Most imaging industry companies, however, face three important obstacles to achieving social media marketing success:


Social media is time-consuming. Without a clear idea of your ROI for social media activities, it can be challenging to justify spending the time you really need to in order to achieve business objectives – especially when starting out with a small following.


One of the most common mistakes companies make is using the wrong kind of content on social media. You don’t need to go viral, and a respectable office equipment technology company shouldn’t make this its goal. You need to create useful content that directly showcases your company’s strengths.


With social media, everyone has a voice. It’s easy to grow your audience when dealing only with praise and positivity, but how do you connect with users who leave you poor reviews or who make negative comparisons between you and your competitors?

Each of these three things can stop an otherwise excellent social media marketing campaign in its tracks. To ensure that you earn the ROI you expect from social media, you need our expertise in dealing with each.

Social Media Time is Productive Time

An effective social media strategy requires constant work. You need dedicated team members who keep their finger on the pulse of your business, especially within your local community. It may be low-impact work – at least, when you’re starting out – but the returns are well worth the effort.

Most businesses don’t dedicate the time and resources necessary to achieving social media success with enough consistency to actually fulfill their earning potential. It takes work, and for that work to produce results, it needs to follow a consistent layout as defined by expert social media strategists.

Content Matters

Once you’ve committed to regularly posting on social media, the question of what to post invariably comes up. What works for your competitors may not work for you – and certainly won’t do as good a job as your own customized content would.

When you start creating unique content that addresses your businesses’ strengths in a way that no one else in your community is doing, then you will begin to see results. You need content that tells your story and compels people to become aware of your company, to consider it, and eventually to become loyal fans of it.

Every Connection Is an Opportunity

What happens if someone leaves you a negative review on Facebook or Twitter? Will they turn your once-loyal audience against you? Not if you know how to use these events as opportunities for growth.

Every time someone expresses displeasure at a company online through social media, it’s an opportunity for that company to show the rest of the Internet how courteous and professional they are. The right response can even earn you a significant PR boost.


At Amplify, we help brands connect with customers through social media by developing customized strategies and executing them on our clients’ behalf.

We use the following steps to turn our clients into social media powerhouses:

Project Discovery. We need to know your business goals and to find out how social media marketing fits in them. Whether you are looking to generate new leads or increase your conversion rate for existing ones, we can craft a plan to match.

Channel Setup and Design. We design all of the materials you need to give your imaging industry company the look and feel of a reputable, trustworthy enterprise. We make sure that every customer touch point offers a uniform branded experience.

Story Telling. Once we know you well enough and have the platform developed, we can start posting custom content that educates and engages, creating connections between your company and its users.

Maintaining and Reporting. Finding out whether your social media campaign is paying off can be difficult without the help of comprehensive analytics. We offer on-going reports on social media activity, including lead generation statistics by channel and traffic so that you know what you’re getting.

Amplify’s social media management platform makes it easy for small to mid-sized businesses to take advantage of the enterprise-level resources on social media. We use the 1/3 Rule to create balanced social media presences for our clients. This rule emphasizes equal importance for the three main types of content social media successes post:


Connection-creating content

Educational content

This keeps your business in front of your customers’ minds and ensures you are part of the conversation even when you are not actively talking about your products or services. There is no better way to stand out from the competition than by harnessing the power of a well-crafted social media strategy.

If you aren’t using social media to generate inbound leads and post useful, insightful content, Amplify can help. Talk to one of our social media specialists to find out how!