As a B2B company specializing in office technology products and services, there are standards to uphold. One of the most important standards to keep in mind is how functional and intuitive your website is.

Your website’s structure and design both carry important implications for your ability to rank well on search engine queries and to generate leads. Amplify can deliver a complete solution for web design and development, using our marketing expertise to ensure that you enjoy the best possible position to capitalize on your market.

We combine our custom content writing capabilities and SEO expertise with industry-leading web development skills to create websites that draw users in and get your office products sold. With Amplify on your side, your small to mid-sized business can benefit from an enterprise-quality website.

Amplify Web Design and SEO

While content quality is an important factor for SEO, it isn’t the only one. Your website’s design and structure can have a pronounced effect on your ranking for target keywords. For instance:


Optimizing your use of keywords in H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags can lead to Google featuring some of your content as a Google Snippet. These snippets are extremely valuable, representing corresponding traffic increases of up to 30-40 percent.

Meta Information

The depth and quality of meta information affect organic search click-through rates. If your website doesn’t have optimized metadata, you might be losing business without knowing it. You need to address your target keyword naturally in each page’s metadata for best results, encouraging users to click with a short, persuasive sales pitch written by a professional copywriter.


B2B buyers increasingly believe that their journey from one device to another should be seamless. That means your website needs to be fully responsive no matter what kind of device a user is using to access it. People who access your website using a smartphone need to have the same experience when they switch to a desktop computer.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of factors that combine to create your website’s general indicator of trust in the eyes of search engines. When users search for imaging industry products and services, they expect only the best – there is no room for anything less.



In order to create a seamless user experience between your website, social media accounts, and internal applications like analytics, you need expert integration services. Our team at Amplify can deliver solutions for integrating all of these platforms and more, making the management and administration of your company website easier than ever before.

HubSpot Integration. If you want to use state-of-the-art conversion tracking and analytics to learn about your website’s users and refine your approach to lead generation, Amplify can integrate data-gathering services into your site.

Social Media. Brand consistency between platforms is important in any B2B business. Maintaining consistency between your various social media channels and your website requires the help of our social media integration specialists.

WordPress Setup. Almost 32 percent of all websites on the Internet use WordPress for content management. This powerful, intuitive platform supports a broad range of customization features. Have our team set up a version customized to meet your company’s needs.

What Goes into an Amplify Website?

Our team of talented and highly experienced web developers and designers can create for you a branded website optimized to convert leads and generate sales. Our B2B marketing experts oversee everything from the coding of specific design elements to the content you use to demonstrate your company’s value to visitors.

Intuitive Navigation

Website navigation can make or break the user experience. Putting navigation in a non-standard place, using difficult-to-manage dropdown menus, or using inappropriate ordering can make users abandon your site.

Expert Updates and Maintenance

Web-optimization guidelines change over time, and SEO best practices are constantly changing. Our team regularly updates our clients’ websites to make sure that they always reflect the latest standards.

Benchmark Security Expertise

Keeping customer data safe is more important than ever. Our team uses the latest security technologies to ensure that your website enjoys optimal security.

Enterprise Legal Resources

New regulations like Europe’s GDPR put increased pressure on website owners to write clear and concise privacy policies and terms of use. With Amplify on your side, you can rest assured that your website will comply with the latest guidelines, including web accessibility as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The combination of enterprise resources and industry-best talent gives small and mid-sized businesses the ability to showcase brand value through imaging industry web development in ways not otherwise possible. With Amplify, every office technology provider can focus on its unique target audience with efficiency and precision.

Who is On the Amplify Team?

Our dynamic development team has all of the resources you need to showcase your company with a world-class website. Your primary point of contact is a dedicated marketing strategist who manages the project on your behalf, keeping our experts on-track towards achieving your marketing goals. Some of our team’s talents include:

User Interface Design. Interface design is an important imparting a modern, mobile-responsive website with the functionality it needs to meet users’ expectations. Amplify’s UI/UX designer makes sure our clients’ websites are as easy to use as they are informative and educational.

HTML and CSS. The Amplify team offers cutting-edge HTML and CSS programming skills, the key to making sure your website loads quickly, works perfectly, and exhibits the best in mobile responsiveness.

Hubspot Development. Integration with Hubspot is an important step towards gathering performance metrics and user data that you can use to fine-tune your marketing strategy. Imaging industry web development professionals use this data to update websites and improve functionality.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive marketing plan centered on a sleek, stunning company website? Talk to our web development team to learn more.