The Quickest Way to Launch MPS

Axess Express is a truly full-service program designed to accelerate the launch and growth of MPS programs for dealers. Focus your organization on sales and let the Axess team do the rest.

MPS Implementation and Management

Axess Express is a program for dealers who:

  • Struggle with MPS program execution
  • Don’t want the administrative burden of technical, customer service, service or supply fulfillment required by MPS contracts
  • Have not yet started an MPS program but want to be able to sell MPS today!

The Axess Team will:

  • Install data collection agents
  • Prepare proposal documents and pricing
  • Proactively manage the contract; including supply fulfillment and service
  • Provide you simple invoicing without investing in a new ERP
  • Assist in account review documentation

The Axess Express Cost-Per-Seat (CPS) program helps de-commoditize the page and better align the dealer’s and customer’s goals while taking away the risks associated with a fixed monthly billing structure.

Some of the Benefits of the Axess Express CPS Program Include

Budgetable Costs for Print

Customers are looking for fixed-rate options that allow for 100% budget certainty.

Unified Billing

A large number of dealers offer MPS, Managed IT Services, Document Management, BPO and other offerings which can now be billed under a unified billing structure.

Profit Protection

Cost-per-page has become highly commoditized and wholesale CPS offers dealers guaranteed profit level.

Access to New Revenue Streams

Allows dealers to pursue new revenue streams that they can layer onto existing CPS contract.

To learn more about the benefits of Cost-Per-Seat,
watch our video below

MPS Professional Services

While Axess Express services roll all of these services into one, you can also purchase our professional MPS services a-la-carte to customize the implementation of your MPS engagements with your customers.

Print Assessment Services

Managed Print Service Implementation

Developing a Print Policy

Discovery and Gap Analysis of Managed Print Service Infrastructure

Let us do the MPS work for you.
Contact us today to find how our MPS experts can help you implement and managed MPS engagements with you customer base.