Axess MPS SalesPro Training

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The Axess SalesPro MPS Training modules cover topics from creating an initial go-to-market strategy, assessing the print environment, making the close, and proactively managing the account. The self-paced setup is great for busy imaging staff who are eager to master MPS and who can’t take much precious time away from the field. Consisting of thirteen web-based video modules, SalesPro Training includes multimedia content, real world examples, field implementation tools, quizzes and tests to keep your sales team engaged and ensure mastery of the materials.

Axess MPS SalesPro Training Highlights

  • Self-paced setup allows for little to no time out of the field
  • Presentation of content via multimedia
  • Real world examples and activities
  • Implementation tools and resources
  • Quizzes allow for knowledge check

Watch the Course Overview and learn how SalesPro Training will empower your sales team to present the MPS value proposition and close more deals!

Watch the Course Overview

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Defining MPS and State of the MPS Market

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When you purchase the SalesPro Training Program, your team will have full access to Clover’s MPS training and sales curriculum.

These web-based, on-demand training modules include:

  • Module 1: Defining MPS and State of the MPS Market
  • Module 2: Create Selling Opportunities
  • Module 3: Initial Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Module 4: Expand the Initial Appointment
  • Module 5: Assessing the Print Environment – Part 1
  • Module 6: Assessing the Print Environment – Part 2
  • Module 7: Develop the Executive Summary
  • Module 8: Conduct Consensus Meeting with Customer
  • Module 9: Developing and Structuring the MPS Proposal
  • Module 10: Make the Close – Presenting Your MPS Proposal
  • Module 11: Proactively Manage the Account – DCA & Administrative Data
  • Module 12: Conduct Account Reviews
  • Module 13: Expand Your Assessment for Advanced Solutions

Plans and Pricing


Quickly Train a Sales Rep to Sell &
Win MPS Deals!


for 3 months

  • 13 on-demand, web-based modules
  • Real-world examples and activities
  • Sales tools & resources
  • Quizzes & performance reporting
  • 1 User


Provide Your Entire Sales Team
with the Tools They Need to
Succeed at MPS!



per year

  • 13 on-demand, web-based modules
  • Real-world examples and activities
  • Sales tools & resources
  • Quizzes & performance reporting

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