Axess MPS Tablet App

Print environment mapping and marketing right at your fingertips

The Axess MPS Tablet App enhances and supports Axess MPS dealer offerings and includes mobile mapping capabilities and customized marketing materials. The integrated mapping tool enables dealers to upload floor plans and devices, as well as place devices in current and proposed states by dragging them onto the floor plan. The finished maps integrate with the Axess MPS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) pricing tool and print along with the dealer’s proposal.

In addition, the Axess MPS Tablet App provides on-the-go access to vertical market videos, presentations, customized marketing materials,
how-to guides, and security documents.

  • Upload floorplans
  • Drag and drop devices onto the floorplan
  • Integrate your finished maps with the Axess MPS TCO pricing tool to include with proposals.
  • Share MPS videos
  • Share Presentations
  • Share MPS marketing collateral

To learn more about how we can enable your sales team with the Axess Tablet App, contact Clover Services Group today.