Are you looking for a better, more effective way to capture feedback from your customers?

What if every time there was a meaningful customer interaction with one of your service technicians, your organization was able to capture feedback in real-time?
You’d have a stream of clear and immediately actionable performance input along with a new, continuous improvement feedback loop to improve your client satisfaction and organizational results.

As part of the Techlink 2.0 platform

Clover Services Group has partnered with BoxScore, developers of an online customer feedback tool, to provide you the quantitative and qualitative data you need to optimize your customers’ experience.

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What is BoxScore?

BoxScore captures the real-time evaluation data already in people’s heads – in 30 seconds. By providing two quick numeric scores and an optional tweet-length comment, your customers can mark that key moment of affirmation or opportunity for improvement. Scores can be provided via a smartphone or web app following any meaningful interaction, project or service call.

BoxScore Features

  • Cloud-based via web, tablet or smartphone

  • Customizable scoring questions

  • Staff member (or team) name and photo displayed on scoring app

  • Scores can be entered on demand or solicited via email or text

  • Each customer score generates an immediate email of results to management and supervisor

  • BoxScore dashboard shows most recent scores and summary chart

  • Scoring analytics also available for teams, client organizations, etc.

  • Real-time BoxScore display for each staff member

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