At Clover Services Group, we strive to provide our dealers with the tools and innovation they need to drive growth, promote efficiency, and increase their bottom line. To achieve this goal, we have aligned ourselves with strategic partners in the fields of financial services, software systems, and imaging equipment.


One of the most dedicated commercial equipment finance company in the nation, Great America Financial prides itself on helping dealers, vendors, and manufacturers to be successful in their business, providing customers with the tools they need to grow their business to new heights. Through GA Pathshare and Collabrance programs, both GA and CIG dealers will be able to secure special pricing for their office and imaging equipment.


A top innovator in data-based marketing platforms, Pontrelli Marketing allows dealers to develop a targeted marketing campaign through the ranking of customer/market segments. Pontrelli strives to provide solutions to standard ERP and CRM Systems that use traditional models although have limited marketing capabilities. Through robust data gathering, their software system can drive revenue growth for dealers well into the future.


Printfleet is a well-known leader in the print management arena. The first company to offer a rapid assessment tool, Printfleet provides unparalleled data collection to serve as the backbone of their print management software solutions. Through their print monitoring applications and professional development and training programs, they can empower dealers to make strong customer connections, create a more efficient work environment, and elevate their business to the next level.


Boxscore is an innovator in the world of customer satisfaction and retention. Their robust evaluation tools provide customers with clear and actionable customer feedback designed to provide you with a mental assessment in less than 30-seconds. Their solutions allow dealers to find ways to improve customer satisfaction, staff performance, and increase overall profitability.


One of the most well-respected managed print service software provider in the industry, FMAudit’s two-way communication helps dealers to streamline their business process. By connecting accounting and dispatch services, they can help dealers to reduce overhead, facilitate supply processing, streamline service technician deployment, and manage proposals and purchasing all in one software solution.


Nubeprint has become a technology leader in the predictability outcome space by solving the major issues that dealers associate with an MPS system. Through their focus on accuracy, reliability, predictability, and assessment, Nubeprint can provide dealers with a complete view of their print devices by offering reliable remote and proactive, automated management.


Print Audit is known as being the most comprehensive provider in the world for device, user, and document management solutions for both managed services and office equipment. The first provider of remote monitoring management services, Print Audit offers a seat based billing model for managed print services. They not only excel at remote management but also offer a suite of tools to control user print behavior.


Business Technology Association is an industry leader in the managed print space. By providing a wide range of consultation services, hardware, software, and supply options, they are helping businesses to optimize information workflow and manage their business documents in one space. Through ongoing education, research, publications, and training, BTA is poised to be the premier source for office technology.


A leading group of independent dealers in North America, CDA utilizes innovative strategies to help dealers asses their print fleet through print audit services and managed print services. A well-versed and dynamic group of leading independent dealers, CDA meets multiple time throughout the year to share best practices and innovative strategies to assist their business and businesses like them excel in the industry. It is through this sharing of information and industry events that they are able to make dealers stronger.


A peer group of independent business technology dealers servicing the United States, the Business Products Council Association, has one primary goal, enhancing dealer business. BPCA dealers not only specialize in office copying equipment, but they have also expanded to incorporate a wide range of document imaging and workflow solutions employing the latest use of technology. Throughout the year, members meet to share knowledge, set benchmarks, and discuss strategies on everything from print management solutions to workflow efficiency.


A countrywide think tank of innovators in office equipment and systems dealers, Select Dealer Group, is dedicated to creating and implementing the Model of Success in their dealerships. The group meets to help stay on top of dealership strategies, share tips to implement the Model of Success, and hear from leaders in the industry about new technology and innovations in managed print service, and document workflow.


A global leader in business technology solutions, Global Imaging Systems, provides solutions for some of the most widely used copiers and imaging systems including Xerox, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, and many other industry leaders. GISX has the ability to manage all aspects of the customer relationship from sales, to training, to installation, to service and support functions.


One of the best-known and most well-respected inbound marketing and sales companies in the country, Hubspot provides the tools dealers need to attract prospects, convert them to leads, and ultimately close them as customers. Hubspot can turn dealer websites into powerful sales tools through the use of search engine optimization, personalized marketing emails, and engaging content.

At Clover Services Group, we know that strategic partnerships provide value to our dealers and provide them with the best foundation to achieve their business goals.