Through our TechLink 2.0 services, we offer a range of product support services and support training options to provide our customers with the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition, provide valuable services to their customers, and continue to grow their business. We have a strong team of experienced and knowledgeable training and support engineers to provide our customers with a broad range of services in every aspect of the support area.

Whether you need certified technical training for your support staff to help them provide the best in services, need your own branded custom help desk solution, or need the services of technically trained field technicians available for nationwide dispatch, our TechLink suite of service has you covered.

What We Do

From training to service our TechLink offerings provide you with what you need to drive forward your business and increase your profitability. Our TechLink Services include:

Printer Repair & Customer Support Training

To help train your technicians and staff for printer repair, we offer both classroom style training as well as online classes, so you can choose the best option to meet the needs of your staff. Our trainers have years of experience both in support and in the field for a wide range of copiers and office products. We provide the most up-to-date training on HP and Lexmark printers and can provide certification-based training for your technicians.

We also offer phone-based help desk triage training to help your customer support team learn to diagnose common printer and copier issues, provide on-phone diagnosis and repair advice for common issues such as paper jams, and gather information to make a dispatch technician’s call more efficient if one is necessary.

Training Printer Repair
& Customer Support

We provide the most up-to-date training on printer repair for your field technicians as well as help desk training for your customer support teams.

Custom Branded
Help Desk

Our Custom Branded Help Desk offers you turnkey, skilled customer service focused on 12×5 technical support. Our Help Desk team will identify themselves as part of your organization and follow each case to completion.

Nationwide Tech
Support Dispatch

Our nationwide support dispatch provides you with access to our team of 15,000 technicians ensuring that your customers get the support, knowledge, and reliability they need no matter their service area.

Boxscore Customer
Feedback Tool

Cloud based software that provides a better, more effective way to capture feedback from customers.

TechLink Custom Help Desk

Our Custom Branded Help Desk service helps businesses eliminate the cost and time of training a skilled support staff by offering help desk services that are customized to function as an extension of your company.

Our Custom Help Desk will provide your customers with phone support by highly trained and experienced technicians.

We offer help desk solutions during business hours with the option to extend service to up to 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

TechLink Dispatch Tech Support

We provide our customers who lease and sell copiers, printers, and multifunction devices the ability to provide nationwide technician dispatch to service their customer’s repair needs.

With our technician dispatch services, there is no need to employ service technicians from outside your normal service area to meet your customer’s needs.

Our technicians are available during normal business hours, after hours, and even holidays.

Who We Are

At Clover Services Group we employ a highly-experienced and expertly trained team that focuses on innovation and creativity to come up with solutions to tackle any problems our customers may face.

It is through this commitment to our customers as well as our commitment to quality that pushes us to strive to create new and improve on current solutions to constantly evolve them to provide the best services we can for our customers.

The Benefits of TechLink Services

With our customers being our number one priority, we focus on the benefits that we can provide them so that they can continue to grow their business and focus on ways to increase profitability. Some of the benefits our TechLink Services provide to our customers include:

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