One of the challenges many businesses face is creating a staff of skilled and well-trained technicians who can provide support for their customers. Not only can training be time-consuming but turnovers can cause it to become costly as well.

To help our customers provide the best in customer tech support to their customers, we have created out TechLink Custom Branded Help Desk solutions to provide the customer support your customers need without the time and expense of employing your own support team.

Our Support Technicians Become a Team Member of Your Company

What is unique about out Custom Help Desk is your customers will not be handled as if they were contacting a third-party support line but will instead be treated as if they were contacting your company directly. Each of our skilled and knowledgeable support technicians will identify as part of your organization and service your customers need from call to completion. Whether your customers need support during regular business hours or require 24hour support we have a program to meet your needs.

Why Choose TechLink Custom Branded Help Desk?

We know how important it is for you to provide your customers with the support they need to maintain and repair the products that you sell them.

Our team has experience in technical support and assessing repair needs as well as customer service training to provide complete customer satisfaction and make the support experience as easy and efficient as possible.

While we offer this service to our customers who lease or resell our copiers, printers, and multifunction machines, we also offer this service to our customers for products outside of the imaging field.


  • Saves you the time and money it takes to put together a strong support team
  • Offers you a tailored support desk to blend with your organization and function as part of your company’s team
  • Provides you the services of highly trained, skilled, and knowledgeable staff who have the experience in both customer service and technical support
  • Allows your customers to feel as though they were interacting directly with your company
  • Provides you with a web portal to allow access to both your customers and staff
  • Standard service is 12 hours-a-day five-days-a-week with optional services up to 24 hours a day seven-days-a-week
  • The benefit of US-based support personnel whose full-time job is technical support
  • Capabilities for live support chat
  • Ability to track tickets and access reports through web-based solutions
  • Provides you with a team-based approach to allow your company as much control as it needs
  • Tracking for customer satisfaction via surveys when tickets are closed

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Find out more about how a Custom Branded Help Desk can help reduce your staffing costs and provide your customers with the support they need for your products by contacting Clover Services Group today to get information or get a quote for your business. Eliminate your time and cost of training a reliable support staff and focus on growing your business with a TechLink Custom Branded Help Desk.